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Laserglow Technologies


In 2003, Laserglow Technologies began as a supplier of laser equipment to the hobbyist and educational market. Demand for Laserglow's products and services quickly grew to encompass research and industrial applications, leading to incorporation in 2005. Our comprehensive product selection now features our Brightline Alignment Series, laser module systems for a wide scope of scientific, industrial and OEM applications and a complete selection of laser accessories including laser safety equipment.

SafetyCastTM Virtual Sign Projector

The SafetyCastTM Virtual Sign Projectors are ideal for high traffic area where adhesive decals don’t last. These virtually projected signs don’t wear off, are visible in any lighting and can be projected onto most surfaces. The SafetyCast Virtual Sign Projector uses image lens and high-output LEDs to project a clear projection at distances of up to 40’. The image lenses are placed inside the projector and can be easily changed. Once installed, there’s virtually no maintenance and you won’t need to worry about replacing decals or stickers on your floors.


Crane Hazard Illumination and Projection

SafetyCast Systems are the ideal solution for adding bright, visual warnings to overhead crane in areas where conventional wall and floor markings are easily missed or obstructed. Floor spot projections are perfect for heavy traffic areas that do not show markings in certain lighting conditions or due to wear. A line projection outlines a safety warning around heavy equipment and machinery where additional safety is required.