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LASER-VIEW TECHNOLOGIES is the authorized USA distributor of Dimetix laser distance sensors, and the North American distributor of the DIS Sensors. We stock the complete product line of Dimetix laser sensors, along with a full line of accessories that includes, brackets, cables, controllers, and software. Our experience with the Dimetix D series laser sensor along with our many years of hands-on industrial laser measurement experience makes us the ideal partner for your next non-contact measurement application. LASER-VIEW TECHNOLOGIES is pleased to offer expert advice to assist with your application.

LASER-VIEW TECHNOLOGIES and their network of solutions providers, integrators, and representatives have provided laser sensors and accessories for a large variety of applications. There are many applications that we have already solved that may be helpful for your particular needs.

 D Series Laser   Laser model EDS-D

A sampling of the industries served include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Hydro Power Generation
  • Materials Handling and Storage
  • Paper Mills
  • Textile Mills
  • Steel Production and Fabrication

Why choose lasers for measurement applications? Range, accuracy, and durability are the factors setting laser sensors apart from other measurement technologies. First and foremost, laser technology offers long-range (0.05-500 meters) capabilities and highly accurate (±1.0 mm), non-contact measurements, that are important advantages in many industries. And because measurements are taken via laser light, there are no mechanical parts, strings, or cables to wear, break, or stretch. Measurements can be obtained regardless of most target characteristics (color, texture, mo..on, temperature), and laser sensors do not scratch or mark delicate surfaces or contaminate sterile materials. Other advantages include the ability to measure precisely in difficult-to-access locations (such as a silo or well), a variety of configurable data outputs at a cost comparable to other rugged measurement technologies.

If we didn't show a solution to your problem or industry listed above, please do not hesitate and call us to discuss your application.

Crane Sentry®, Crane Sentry® Jr., Crane Sentry® Lite and Crane Sentry Hoist Side Pull Detection

Crane Sentry image               
        Crane Sentry                                                Crane Sentry Lite                                    Hoist Side Pull Detector


The Crane Sentry systems provide a modular, easily configurable and economical approach to detecting potential collisions and monitoring crane position, speed and stops.

Crane Sentry® Jr is a competitively priced modular and intuitive laser distance sensor-based overhead crane position and collision detection monitoring system with several available operating modes, including distance minimum/maximum and crane to wall or crane to crane. Just like the original Crane Sentry, Crane Sentry Jr also features a simple, teachable color touch screen display, and is available with a variety of options to ensure compatibility with most industrial working environments. NOTE: Crane Sentry NOT a crane collision avoidance system. The system should be used to complement, NOT as a substitute for, compliance with industry standard best practices and applicable safety regulations.

Crane Sentry® Hoist Side Pull is designed for overhead crane safety. Usage of hoists for lifting loads in industrial applications has inherent risk, requiring the need for safety precautions. If a load is not lifted directly vertical and is permitted to side load a hoist, damage to the hoist, injury to personnel, and/or damage to nearby equipment can result. This is referred to as "side pulling" a hoist. Detection of potential side pull conditions can be tied into hoist controls to not permit a lift under this condition. 

Features include:

·  Complete modular system includes up to 2 lasers

·  Quick aim & set installation, versatile application

· Intuitive operation, simple troubleshooting

· Rugged industrial package, low maintenance

· Non-contact, eye-safe laser measurement

· High accuracy, long range

· Indoor/outdoor operation

· No reflector needed

· Competitively priced

DIS Tilt sensors, Accelerometers, Inclinometers and Encoders

Laser-View Technologies is passionate about the development and production of customer-focused, well designed and smart sensor solutions.

We are the North American distributor of DIS Sensors and accessories. The sensor line is also the newest member of Laser-View Technologies, Inc. family of industrial sensor focused companies, products and services. We offer a wide range of sensors for measuring inclination, vibration and acceleration as well as rotary encoders.

We also provide sensors for motorized jacks and lifts, medical devices and home automation. Besides parts, we can also provide complete solutions including the design and production of mechanical and control systems.

We offer products for applications in medical appliances, floodgates, material handling, mobile machines, the energy sector including oil and gas, as well as elevators and miscellaneous harsh environments.

Rotary sensor                Tilt sensor                   Acceleration sensor