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Cervis, Inc. manufactures state of the art radio remote controls for industrial, mobile, mining and material handling and crane applications. Their systems can be found in numerous industries including, but not limited to, automotive, steel making and processing, mining, automation and rail operations.

Cervis Warrior Systems

The Warrior product line consists of two, three and ANY-STEP push button transmitters as well as small medium and large mill-duty console boxes for multi-step and step-less applications.  This family of transmitters is supported by a variety of Warrior receivers designed to accomplish any material handling application.  The Warrior’s flagship product, the HHMS model, is an industry first transmitter that can provide two, three and ANY-STEP buttons from our proprietary multi-step switch.  This contact-less switch is factory configured.  In two step configurations offers fully redundant 1st and 2nd step commands.  The three step version offers a low cost alternative to applications requiring three speeds in that you do not have to move to a traditional console box for such an application.  The ANY-STEP configuration offers an INDUSTRY FIRST SEVEN STEP solution that can be applied to applications desiring 4-5 speeds or step-less control in a push button handheld solution.  This unique features coupled with the 70+ hours of operating time form the lithium ion rechargeable battery and standard OLED display make the HHMS a power packed, feature rich solution for handheld material handling applications.



Cervis SmaRT Wireless Systems

The SmaRT Wireless product group is a dynamic product offering with desirable features for equipment manufacturers. Cervis offers a complete line of wireless remote controls for machinery in the mobile hydraulic equipment industry. Our SmaRT Wireless product group is designed to specifically address the durability and customization required in mobile applications. The line-up begins with simple two-button handheld controls—includes an industry leading proportional pistol grip design—and rounds out with four variants of proportional joystick-style console box designs. A wide array of features make attractive options, including bi-directional communication, tether control, wireless pairing, and many feedback display options.




Industrial Automation

The SmaRT Wireless product may also be applied to industrial automation projects with many substantial features. Our complete product lineup offers simple ON / OFF control (for applications like motor control and indicators), as well as high-end control (such as variable speed commands for advanced motion control).

We offer a host of receiver I/O devices operating on typical industrial control voltages, including both low- and high-voltage AC and DC. Control devices inside the receivers consist of typical relay devices with variable analog controls. Sensing circuits are also available to interface with machine analog and digital input devices. Data communications for PLC interface—such as CAN Bus and PROFIBUS—can also be accommodated in system design.