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Gessmann North America Limited

World Leader in Multi-axis Joystick switches, Control Stations, Remote Control Consoles and Switch Refurbishment Services

Control Stations / Chairs

Control Station                    KS19 Control Station        LCS5R Control Station        MACS1 Control Station        MACS2 Control Station


Gessmann North America Limited (Former SENETT Control)  has served its customer base for over 40 years. Their quality products and services offer exceptional quality that will last for years after the sale, as will their unequaled customer support. Rest assured that their excellent engineering staff will match the correct product offering to your exacting requirements. They offer products in a number of industries including construction equipment, mining, forestry, hydraulic systems, steel manufacturing, crane systems and specialty vehicle manufacturing. Whatever your application we have a switch for you.

Joysticks / Handles / Foot Switch / Remote Console

V10 Switch        V3 Joystick        VV5 Joystick    B25 Palm Switch        P7 Foot Switch        TS1 Remote Console    


Gear Limit Switch

   GE1 Gear Limit Switch