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Post Glover Resistors Inc.

Post Glover has over 116 years of Power Resistor experience!

Post Glover Resistors, founded in 1892, has the industrial experience in power resistors to deliver proven solutions for your critical applications. We can design resistors to suit your application or draw from our extensive archive of products to provide you with the exact replacement resistor. We provide  dynamic braking and motor/crane control resistors for stopping and motion control.

Post Glover Dynamic Braking Resistors

Post Glover dynamic braking resistors

Being first a manufacturer of power resistors, Post Glover has a vast array of Dynamic Braking Resistors to choose from. This allows us to offer the best possible technical and economic solution for your particular application. We have worked with many OEMs and built a broad knowledge of their product specifications for dynamic brake resistors, so when you call in requesting a part, Post Glover can cross-reference the part number and quote the needed part.

Post Glover Crane Motor Control Resistors  for Wound Rotor and 250 VDC

Grid bank                Edgewound resistor

When overhead cranes are used in industrial facilities, crane resistor banks are frequently used for control of hoisting and lowering speeds, as well as positioning the crane itself. Resistors are usually mounted in, or on top of, the bridge structure.

Many steel mills use DC motors because, in the past, DC power was the best way to hoist heavy loads. Newer plants are increasingly utilizing more readily available three-phase power, and wound rotor motors are often employed.

Brake resistor control techniques — In hoisting and lowering operations, some special considerations are involved. Hoisting is straightforward — the load is resisting the motor, and positive torque against gravity is required. In lowering an empty hook, it may be necessary to drive the hook down, since gravity may be insufficient to lower it at the desired speed.

Post Glover Other Motor Control Resistors

Post Glover DC Seriews Wound motor resistors
DC Series Wound Motor Resistor


Post glover AC motor reistors
AC Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Resistor


Post Glover AC Wound Rotor Induction Motor Resistor (Slip Ring Motor)
AC Wound Rotor Induction Motor Resistor (Slip Ring Motor)