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Digitial Proportional Valve Driver

Download the Digital Valve PDF brochure by clicking this link for more detailed information: Digital Valve Driver

Benefits and Features:
[ Versatile Digital Design
[ Easy-To-Use adjustments and 3-Digit Seven-Segment LED display
[ Completely Sealed even during Set-Up
[ Electronic Limiting Circuit/ Short Circuit Proof
[ Load can be Connected & Disconnected Live
[ Protected against Wrong Connection
[ Simple Control with 2 Digital Inputs (Patent Pending)
[ Energy Efficient PWM Circuit, no heat sink is required
[ Current Sensing maintains Output regardless of changes in Supply
[ Voltage and Coil Resistance
[ Thick Wall, Sturdy Housing made of Flame Retardant Plastic UL94-VO
[ Mounting: DIN 43650-A/ISO 4400 Solenoid or Adapted to other
[ Coil Types
[ Easy Troubleshooting


Alternative mounting options for the digital proportional valve