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Brookville Equipment Corporation 

  • BROOKVILLE has provided short line and regional railroads custom locomotive solutions designed to meet their specific demands

  • The BROOKVILLE BL20G is a service-proven diesel-electric locomotive ideal for short haul, switching and maintenance duties. It is designed to add utility value to the fleets of short line, regional, and passenger railroads

  • BROOKVILLE’s Switching Locomotives features a center or end cab design for easy bi-directional movement for small switching and maintenance applications for short line and regional railroads, rail yards, and utility applications for passenger railroads

  • BROOKVILLE’s Diesel-Mechanical Industrial Switching Locomotives range from 45 to 120 tons, designed for operation at lower speeds, requiring high tractive efforts. This BROOKVILLE design is available in either a center cab or end cab

Locomotive Rebuilding / Remanufacturing / Modernization

BROOKVILLE is a premier rebuilder, remanufacturer, and modernizer of freight and passenger locomotives. From engine upgrades - including gen-sets utilizing BROOKVILLE’s revolutionary CoGeneration multi-engine systems and single-engine upgrades to meet current
EPA exhaust emissions standards - to locomotive control system integration, and state-of-the-art paint and finishing, BROOKVILLE rebuilds, restores, and remanufactures locomotives from the trucks up to the radiator fans, improving your fleet’s performance and efficiency.

 We offer frame up restorations, inside and out, at one primary location with mainline rail access.