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What began in 1946 as a one-man radio installation and maintenance service company is now a leading manufacturer of remote control products and aftermarket services for the, mining, commercial, mobile, railroad and other industrial markets, globally. With its base of operations in Warren, OH and a second facility on the West coast, Laird Controls has operations in South Africa, Brazil, two locations each in Canada and Europe; supported by an extensive sales and distribution network throughout North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Expansion into worldwide markets in the early 1990’s, led to creation of Cattron International Ltd. with affiliates in Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil. Theimeg was added to the Cattron name in Europe when Cattron acquired Theimeg Elektronikgerate GmbH, Europe’s largest RCT provider to the national and industrial railways. Operating as Cattron-Theimeg Europe (CTE) has over 30 years of experience giving Cattron unparalleled expertise not only in RCT, but a wealth of European experience and expertise ensuring that Cattron’s customers in that area of the world receive high quality, cost effective solutions. CTE is the only remote control manufacturer in the world approved under the European EN50239 specification for safe operation of radio remote controlled locomotives.

In 2010 Cattron Group International was acquired by Laird. Through this process of organic growth and acquisitions, Laird Controls North America, Inc. has assembled the most comprehensive collection of RCT brands for cranes, locomotives, material handling equipment, mining machinery, mobile equipment, ship loaders, agricultural machinery, and virtually any equipment where the operator can be moved to a safer, more efficient location.

Sixty years later, Jim Cattron’s vision of the potential of the RCT technology provided the groundwork for the Sharpsville-based company to become the global source for remote control products. To be the “Customers’ first choice for remote control solutions, serving industry globally.”

Radio Remote Material Handling Applications

Material Handling Radio Remote Control applications       

Locomotive & Rail Operations

Radio Control Rail and Locomotive Applications             MP96 Radio Control Locomotive            Radio control operated locomotive

The MP96 maintains the highest level of signal integrity for the safest possible operation. Multiple Processors provide simultaneous and independent data signal processing of all incoming commands. Multiple "Watch Dog" timers ensure no motion is carried out without a command from the operator. Laird Controls North America, Inc. continues to be the recognized technology leader in the design and implementation of LRC (Locomotive Remote Control) systems with more than 56 years of radio frequency experience and nearly 10,000 locomotive and rail related installations worldwide.

Cattron Radio Remote Control Transmitters

Cattron radio remote controllers         Cattron Industrial Radio Remote Control transmitters    Remtron Patriot T23 Transmitter     LRC-S1 top viewMKU controller

   Cattron Radio Remote Control BellyboxCattron Radio Control TransmitterLRC-L1 top viewPaddle controller

Cattron Control Machine Interface Options

Machine Control units

The CT24 series are machine control units that are part of the CattronControl™ family of products. There are three CT24 versions available, the CT24-9 has 9 function plus 2 safety relays. The CT24-17 has 17 function plus 2 safety relays and the CT24-32 has 32 function plus 2 safety relays; this enables the most economical choice to be made for a wide range of machine and crane applications.

The CT24 series feature an easy-to-change RFID Transkey™, for simple unit configuration, this allows facilities to quickly deploy spare units by simply swapping the RFID Transkey between the operating unit and a spare, downtime and spares holding are minimized.

The CT24 series is also available in pre-engineered standards or fully customized to suit almost any crane or machine requiring a relay control interface. The CT24 series can be used with any of the diverse range of operator control units from the CattronControl™ range.

Optional IR Link Functionality

IR Link functionality makes it possible to define one or more precise zones, in which the function of an Operator Control Unit (OCU) can be enabled. It could for example; enable an OCU to start working, or it can change the way a controller is allowed to work based on its location and presence to a specific IR transmitter. When a system is configured to control functionality by the presence of a specific IR transmitter it makes it possible to automate the selection of some function or piece of equipment, eliminating manual selection errors and keeping the operator in a safe location. All these features improve efficiency, enhance safety, prevent damage to materials and personnel and so improve productivity. Additional solutions are made possible in almost any plant using remote control.

CAN Remote Machine Interface

CANbus Receiver

The CAN Remote Control System (CAN RCS) sets new standards for the industry. This CAN RCS greatly simplifies the installation of a remote control on any CAN- based vehicle. When connected to a CAN network of the vehicle’s main computer or PLC, the CCM12 Receiver acts as a wireless gateway between the vehicle and the Operator Control Unit (OCU). All functions executed on the OCU are transferred on the CAN Network and the vehicle’s vital signs are sent back to the OCU.

• Dual CANbus interfaces that meet  ISO 11898-2 standard

• Dual safety relay outputs

• Both CAN interfaces are electrically isolated

• Dual Processor Redundant Architecture for Safety

• Unique ID key for the utmost safety of personnel and property

Hydraulic Brake Package

Hydraulic Brake conversion package

The Two-Step Electro-Hydraulic Brake Package makes converting an Electric Overhead Traveling (EOT) Crane from cab control to radio remote or pendant control easy. The conversion requires changing the operation of the bridge brake from a foot pedal to an electrically operated brake. With the Two-Step Electro-Hydraulic Brake Package, the existing foot pedal system remains in place, and there is no need to re-size or change the existing manual brake system. This eliminates the chance for error in sizing a totally new brake and potential damage to the mechanical structure of the crane during installation of the new brake.

Periodic Service/Health Check and Training Now Available

Laird North America Controls, Inc. is now offering proactive health checks and periodic service contracts as well as training sessions for their wireless control products. Lost productivity caused by unplanned failure or non-optimal performance of your productivity assets can cause significant impacts on operations and profitability. The Laird Health Check brings our expertise to your site to provide a full assessment of the health of your equipment. All Health Checks include customized inspections, High-Level troubleshooting and repair and a comprehensive trip report. For more information about Laird’s aftermarket services, please contact your local Laird sales representative.