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Schaltbau North America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schaltbau GmbH and was established in 2001 to support the North American customer base for our products. Our local capabilities include manufacturing, technical support, warehousing and sales of our full product portfolio. Schaltbau North America’s technical team works with a wide variety of customers to help develop high-reliability products with applications in the railway and industrial markets.

Their product mix includes the following:

  • Connectors

Connectors        Connectors II

High-quality connectors for industry, transportation and telecommunications.

  • Contactors for industrial and railway applications

Contactors        C-155 contactor        contactor        cont6actor

The industrial contactors are used for battery powered vehicles, high voltage applications such as 1 kV up to 3kV DC/AC, UPS systems for data centers, CAM contactors for applications up to 750 V. The railway contactors are applied in battery and motor circuits, traction converters and auxiliary circuits. Of special note is the quality of a contactor is best seen when switching it off. Electric arcs are ignited between the contacts as they open – just like in a thundercloud. In order to extinguish these arcs Schaltbau has incorporated some sophisticated solutions in our contactors: magnetic fields drive the arc into the arc chute within a few milliseconds.

  • Snap-action switches

Snap action switches    snap action switches small

The snap action switches are offered in various configurations and styles too numerous to detail here. Please call us to discuss your application so we can better ascertain the correct product to present.

  • Electrical Products for Rail Applications

Rolling stock items  

In this category we have numerous product offerings ranging from master controllers, keylock and dead-man switches, electronic buzzers, toggle switches, foot rests, emergency brake handles, flat battery power supplies and heaters. This is only sampling of the products we offer in this category so please call us with your applications and allow us the opportunity to help meet your requirement.