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Pintsch Bubenzer USA products are designed to operate in high ambient temperatures and dust-filled air environmental conditions associated with the processing of steel. This environment places tough demands on the drive systems and brakes used in steel making facilities. Hot metal, semi-automated rolling mill and overhead loading cranes require the most reliable, maintenance-friendly braking systems available.

The engineers and designers at PINTSCH BUBENZER possess decades of experience on such applications for the steel industry and know the problem zones and pitfalls.


Pintsch Bubenzer EBA drum brakes   

Main Features for the EBA Drum Brake:

  • Meets all AISE dimensional standards
  • Adjustable, external brake spring with torque scale
  • Quick-change linings
  • Stainless steel pins
  • Maintenance free, self lubricating bushings at all hinge points
  • Aluminum brake shoes with organic, non-asbestos linings
  • Levers/base plate of nodular cast iron
  • Corrosion resistance paint
  • Manual release levers included

  • PINTSCH BUBENZER Service Brakes
    pintsch bubenzer usa service brake
    Service brakes are installed at the (high-speed) gear input shaft to hold the load safely.
    PINTSCH BUBENZER Emergency Brakes

    pintsch bubenzer emergency brake
    Emergency brakes provide an additional safeguard for the installation, e.g., if a gear shaft should fracture.

    PINTSCH BUBENZER Wind Power Products

    PINTSCH BUBENZER offers wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators innovative braking systems for rotor, azimuth and rotor-locking motions, utilizing efficiently designed disc brakes, clutches and hydraulic systems. The well thought-out design of all system components and the high and constant quality standards maintained in production, installation and final acceptance ensure smooth and reliable operation, minimum expenditure for maintenance and long service lives. With quality products from PINTSCH BUBENZER investors save trouble, time and costs over the full useful life of their systems and increase thereby their profits in a long-term manner. In addition, our optional brake monitoring systems further reduce downtime and maintenance expense by identifying minor adjustment and wear issues before they become serious maintenance problems. This is an especially important enhancement for offshore wind farms.

    PINTSCH BUBENZER Brake Monitoring Packages

                        CMB-2 Monitoring Package

    In response to requirements to simplify the maintenance of industrial brakes and at the same time to increase their operational safety, PINTSCH BUBENZER offers a retrofitable, compact electronic status indication system to be integrated into the brake as an additional safety device. After 15 years of successful operation in the market, the brake condition monitoring systems VSR and CMB system have been improved. One new version of the electronic box can handle the sensors of both VSR-2 and CMB-2.

    Features include:
    > Industrial display with 4 rows of 20 characters for indication of measurement data and error messages
    > Brake operation cycle counter (up to 100 Mio. Cycles)
    > Internal keypad for parameter change.
    > Profibus (CMB-2 only). All scaled measures signals and error bits are transferred by bus system to the main control PLC. No analogue inputs in control PLC are required
    > Optional RPM speed sensor is available

    Spring Set Brakes, SFB and KFB Series

    SFB Series Brakes        KFB Series Brakes

    The electromagnetic spring applied brake KFB is a safety brake primarily used on long-travel crane applications as well as motor-mounted ser-vice brakes on industrial lifting equipment. The KFB offers several features like internal heaters, hand lever, a compact design in relation to the brake torque range as well as maximum service life and less maintenance. 50- 1600Nm (36- 1180 lb ft), protection class IP 67.    

    Our most renowned electro-magnetic spring applied brake series SFB is the first selection for almost every known offshore application. The SFB works well in areas of temperature variation, sea water, offshore as well as crane and hoisting applications on dry land. Highest quality standards ensure a long durability, easy and less maintenance as well as precise control of small to very large amounts of kinetic energy. The SFB is tested and certified by all relevant classification societies like- Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd s Register of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, Bureau Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping, and Maritime Register of Shipping (GUS). The SFB has been used success-fully as service and holding brakes and principally as security brake. Mbr 63 - 13000 Nm (46 - 9500 lb ft)-Protection class IP67.