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Advanced Industrial Marketing

Arcure Blaxtair

Blaxtair offers a smart camera able to differentiate between people and other obstacles, warning the driver only in case of immediate danger thus eliminating unnecessary alarms. For example:

Blaxtair® enhances the security of your worksite by preventing accidents between machines and pedestrians, thanks to its smart 3D camera which is able to recognize people inside the machine’s danger zones and to warn the driver.

Blaxtair® reduces your machine’s operating costs thanks to its obstacle recognition and localization camera the driver is warned of up-close obstacles that can damage the machine.

Blaxtair® improves your worksite productivity by enabling the driver to monitor the machine’s blind spots without having to turn thanks to its screen positioned inside the cabin.

Blaxtair® brings evidence in case of accident by providing the last three (3) hours of video feed thanks to its recording device (offered as an option).

Advanced Microwave Engineering (EGOpro Safety, Integrated and modular active safety based on dual frequency active RFID devices.)

EGOpro Safety offers systems designed to prevent collisions between vehicles and men that ensures the right balance between efficiency (don’t bother the driver with too many alarms) and safety (need to detect the presence nearby the equipment. The system allows to detect the threat within complex industrial facilities, characterized by the presence of personnel, various types of vehicles and machinery, shelving, aisles, buildings, materials of different shape, size and composition. The system assesses the severity of danger, in order to avoid false alarms that may distract the driver and make the system ineffective. The alarm is active only in the presence of relevant obstacle’s TAG (pedestrians and/or equipments) making the system reliable. 

Orlaco Camera Systems

Orlaco is the specialist in camera and monitor systems for heavy equipment, commercial vehicles, cranes, lift trucks, maritime applications, emergency vehicles, railway applications, municipal vehicles, and airport vehicles. All over the world we broaden the horizons of drivers, operators, captains and machinists, with increased safety, efficiency and comfort as the aim. Discover our wide range of professional vision solutions for heavy equipment, commercial vehicles, cranes, lift trucks, maritime applications, emergency vehicles and military vehicles. Orlaco develops and manufactures camera and monitor systems in accordance with strict quality requirements. We comply with certification standards such as ISO/TS 16949.

Motec Ametek Heavy-Duty Camera Solutions

Motec has more than 25 years experience in the development, the design and customization of rugged camera monitor systems for mobile applications. Our experience is based on the creation of high value, which is added at our German location and rooted in long-term in-house development and production know-how. The close and interdisciplinary teamwork of our divisions—from electronics and software development to design, test management, production and cable assembly—enables us to develop our own designs as well as customer-specific camera monitor systems to the highest quality standards.